Hadley, Patrick, 1899-1973

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VWL3887 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Grace Williams

My Dearest Grace
I'm so distressed you thought me cross - You wrote me such a lovely long letter & I read it several times & then...

VWL5124 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Serge Koussevitsky

To M. Kussiwitzky
Boston Symphony Orchestra
Boston, Mass.

Dear Monsieur Kussiwitzky
I venture to send you herewith a copy of...

VWL3983 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Alexander Burnard

Dear Burnard
I'm fearfully sorry about all this
(1) I had no idea your piece was a degree excercize1
(2) I gathered from...

VWL4610 Letter from Patrick Hadley and Henry Balfour Gardiner to Ralph Vaughan Williams

That was a great occasion the other evening - one of the more important events that have occurred during my lifetime. The hall seemed to be...

VWL1872 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Adrian Boult

Dear Adrian

Thank you so much for your letter – I wish I cd have heard the D Symph1 on Sat – but I had my choir –...

VWL5049 Letter from Arnold Bax, Ralph Vaughan Williams and others to The Editor of The Times

Ten years ago the most renowned private music library in the world, that of Paul Hirsch, was transferred from Frankfort-on-Main1...

VWL2598 Letter from Patrick Hadley to Ralph Vaughan Williams

You not only “have something to say” to the young but you stir their vitals. The last op: has had a most profound effect, believe me.1...

VWL2976 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Eric Walter White

Dear Mr. White,

We enjoyed your visit as much as you tell me you did, and I think our talk was useful.
With regard to your three...

VWL3022 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Patrick Hadley

Dear Paddy

I did enjoy myself the other day. Your hospitality was wonderful and Mullinar1 played magnificently.
Have you...

VWL3167 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Ursula Wood

My Dear

I went to Cambridge yesterday, a perfect day & the country especially the cornfields looking lovely - Carr1 was my...



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