Ellis, Francis Bevis, 1883-1916

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VWL395 Letter from George Butterworth to Ralph Vaughan Williams

My dear Ralph

Among  all the debauch of last night’s congratulations and mutual pattings on the back, I really had nothing much to add, but...

VWL426 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Gustav Holst

Dear V.

I was most touched by your letter.  I've indeed longed to be home in many ways during the last month - but in other ways I should...

VWL435 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Sir Alexander Kaye-Butterworth

Dear Sir Alexander

I am sending a few words which I have tried to write about George - I wish it was more worthy - if you wd...

VWL3004 Letter from Adrian Boult to Adeline Vaughan Williams

References: 03/M/ACB

I know Ralph refuses to be interested in the disposal of his MSS, but I thought the enclosed might interest you.1...

VWL2467 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Cedric Glover

Dear Cedric

Thank you so much for your invitation, but I don’t think I can face “Electra”. I remember being taken to it years ago by Beavis...

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