Letter from Geoffrey Keynes to Edwin Evans

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11 Arkwright Road
London  N.W.3

Dear Mr. Evans,

I have heard from Dr. Vaughan Williams, who wishes me to write direct to you about the question of the Job Ballet.  I should, of course, be very glad indeed if the Camargo Society should find it practicable to perform it, either in connection with the Salzburg Festival or otherwise.  Dr. Vaughan Williams naturally has something to say about the music, and he has a complex about the word “ballet”, for which you would not doubt be willing to substitute “masque”.
The only stipulation I should wish to make would be
(a) that Miss Ninette de Valois should be in charge of the production as choreographer.
(b)  that the scenery shall be adequate. 
As the setts are being based on Blake's designs, there will need to be at least four back scenes, and in this connection I am anxious to know where the Oxford performance, if it takes place, is likely to be held, and the size of the stage. One back scene has already been painted, but it was done with a view to the Old Vic, and is rather large.
What are the funds available if it is done at Oxford?  Presumably the orchestra will be no difficulty there.  The scenes will cost something, but I will have £32 available which could be spent on them, £18 having been used for the scene already painted.  There will be a dozen masks or more to be made, but neither these nor the cost of the costumes should be a serious expense as I understand from Miss de Valois.
Yours truly,

Geoffrey Keynes

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MS Mus. 1714/1/7, ff.154-155
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Typewritten, signed.

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