Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Cordelia Curle

Letter No.: 
June 3 [1935]

Belov Boo

You will see in your D.T.1 that R has accepted an O.M.2
He had the letter offering it from the King's Sec about 3 weeks ago - he was rather alarmed - but it is the only honour that he could possibly receive that would fit him - so I am pleased and I see that he is.
Nice to see the Old Beak's name near his - also friendly Bruce Richmond3 - a Knight -
Poor Hon4 is having an awful time running to the phone - taking down telegrams.  We've had about 20 so far - 2.o'c.
It was lovely to have yr p.c. this morning and the best part is that you may be setting homewards before long.
Weather is now like April - showers & rough winds - azaleas are out at Lth P5 & R took Hon there yesterday and an American lassie Sally Smith who was spending the weekend here.
… Next Monday is Whitmonday & R's mass is being sung at Chichester & as he is conducting we may go. 
I'm glad you have nice newcomers. The pretty wife & solicitor who has met Morris - we have never heard of Ralph Bates - but we are so ignorant about writers.
Love to dear Ad6

1.  The Daily Telegraph.
2.  Order of Merit.
3.  Richmond served for many years on the Council and executive committee of the Royal College of Music.
4.  Honorine Williamson.
5.  Leith Hill Place, family home of VW's mother.
6.  Adam Curle, son of Cordelia.

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MS Mus. 1714/1/9, ff.100-101
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