Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Cordelia Curle

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Monday night, [5 January, 1942]


Belov Boo
I missed the post - for the Finzis came for lunch & unexpectedly stayed for tea.  This went off well & M said he was glad to see them & he saw them off at the station.  They came all the way from Newbury - Finzi was deeply ashamed at not having recognized you at Wigmore!  He is now working in London Foreign Shipping relations ot something like that.  Christine made herself very sociable - she liked Joyce much more that she did Mary - 2 double teeth are working through - no wonder she has been fretful & bunged up.  Ralph is having a quiet day by the fire.  I think he got a chill and is overtired for he has had constant visits to cabinet1.  So tonight he has had a poached egg & arrowroot & brandy & I hope will be all right tomorrow.  He can put off a London meeting - he enjoyed having Fin.

1.  i.e. Drink's cabinet


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MS Mus. 1714/1/14, ff.26v-29
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Extract from a letter by Adeline to Cordelia Curle.
Postmark dated Dorking, 6 Jan 1942.