Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Cordelia Curle

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Tueday [Nov 6 1945]

Belov Boo
Its good to hear of Hemmings. Send all your guests there especially Pumpel!
R had a good day in London - a sandwich lunch on the train & then Nat Gal1 concert to hear a Bartok 4tet wh he admired - at least what he could hear of it - he found himself next to Lorraine & they persuaded him to with them to lunch with the 4tet - somewhere near by - He seems to have launched some stories in French at lunch - the only others besides the 4tet were Michael Tippett & the man who runs the concert
The Gertlers2 a good 4tet  - Belgian with no English - Then he was at the R.C.M3 & managed to catch the good 5.30 having a run for it with Arnold Bax.
We listened to the French concert - a lovely little Ravel - a dismal Chausson[?] - & a noisy Bliss.
R is coughing a little more after his outing but that is the rimy morning - He must be quiet "pour mieux sauter" for he is off to London tomorrow to go with Ursula4 to Henry IV5 - but Ursula is ordering a car & so it sd be all right & its a matinee
I like to hear of quintets in the studio
Yr A

1. National Gallery, London, where lunchtime concerts took place during the war, organised by Myra Hess.
2. The Gertler Quartet, founded in 1928 by Endre Gertler (1907-1998) and based in Brussels; the quartet specialised in performances of Bartok's music.
3. Royal College of Music
4. Ursula Wood
5. Shakespeare's play Henry IV.

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MS Mus. 1714/1/16, ff. 36-37
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