Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Maja Kjöhler

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13 Cheyne Walk

Dear Miss Kjöhler

Cd you sing any of the following Schumanns for lecture 7.1

Nuss Baum or Im Walde
or ( In meine Thränen   ) Dichterliebe 1 & 2
     (Im Wunderschönen )

Ich habe im Traum.    Dichterliebe 13
or Im Rhein  -              --------   6


or instead of all this How wd you care to do 4 songs from the Frauen-liebe?
Also what English songs (not folk-songs) do you know? I think I ought to illustrate questions of accent by English songs.
I enclose "Vier Ernste Gesänge" - if you cd possibly see your way to sing No 2 (  )2 (in English perhaps) it wd be very kind of you
R. Vaughan Williams

1. Kjöhler was apparently singing extracts to illustrate lectures by VW; see also VWL4493.
2. VW has left the brackets empty; presumably he had intended to insert the title 'Ich wandte mich'.


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Date assumed as near to VWL4492.