Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Frank Howes

Letter No.: 
4th June, 1952.

The White Gates,
Dorking, Surrey.

Dear Howes
I think I had better put things clear about my No. 6 and my "Sinfonia Antarctica".
There is no conscious connection between the Symphony and the film music which I wrote for Scott "Flemish Farm". But there is connection with my "Flemish Farm" music.1 The beginning of the slow movement which the L.S.O.2 label "Two Hot Sausages" is taken from that film music; also the beginning of the Epilogue, which the L.S.O. have called "Miserable Starkey" which was suggested, but not more than suggested by something in the film music. Whether I used these themes eventually in the actual music which was played with the film I cannot remember, but at all events I discarded them both when I wrote my Suite founded on the film music, which was called "Flemish Farm".
I do not want to blow my own trumpet but I always feel that that Suite contains some of my best music, and if I had called it "Sinfonia Flamenca" it would probably have had as much fuss made about it by the Press and public as my No. 6., but being only called a Suite it passed almost unnoticed and I do not think had has more than two performances.
Now I must stop grousing, which I do not usually do, as you know.
By the way, you have not told me yet whether you would like my photograph of Down Ampney Vicarage.

(R. Vaughan Williams).

Frank Howes, Esq.,

1. This sentence inserted in manuscript.
2. London Symphony Orchestra


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Typewritten, signed, with manuscript additions by VW.