Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Lewis Crow

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May 29 [1940]

The White Gates

Dear Mr Crow,
I have received additional instructions about fire-fighting - If the whistle blows all squads, whether on duty or not, will assemble at the assembly point.
In your case it will be your house (Brasted) and the area covered will be Thetford Lodge & Sanders Place Farm - but the squads can be mobile, and not stick too strictly to their areas.
The squads are
Brasted (you will be leader)
Sanders Pl. Fm (leader Miss Jolly)
Pound House (leader Mr Boucret[?])

They will take instructions from you, if you will kndly act as group leader

Have you all gor helmets?

Will you be kind enough to fix this plate on your gate

No need to reply if all is in order
Yours sincerely
R Vaughan Williams


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