Letter from Gustav Holst to Ralph Vaughan Williams

Letter No.: 
Sep 1, [1933]

St. Paul's Girls' School,
Brook Green, Hammersmith, W.6.

Dear R
Thanks for letter re the concerto1.  I can quite believe that a slow pace for the fugue would make a big difference.  How I wish I could have heard it.  Thanks also for sending Jane's Wassail.
It is difficult to thank you for last night2 because I've said it all before.  I went expecting a real treat but I doubt if I've ever been so carried away by it before - which is saying a great deal.
And I'm going to repeat myself - it's the very essence of you.
Which is one of the two reasons (the other being that it is a beautiful work of art) why it is such an important event in my life.
It was a stroke of either a) genius or b) unconscious humour to do it just after Hindemith.  It reminded me of the first definite idea of life I learnt while still in my cradle.  Namely, that music is a nice thing.

1.  VW's Piano Concerto.
2.  Holst had heard the Pastoral Symphony conducted by the composer on 31 August.

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Add. MS 57953, f.
Heirs and Rebels, Letter XXXIX
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