Letter from Gustav Holst to Adeline Vaughan Williams

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Tuesday [19 April, 1931]

SPGS [St Paul's Girls School]

Dear Adeline
I hope the festival was a complete success and that R is happy over it and not overtired.
There is something I want him to know - in fact he is bound to know sooner or later - but there is no immediate hurry and if you think he needs a rest from nervous worries please don't tell him until you think that he in is a fit condition.  At the same time I feel sure that you will agree with me in thinking that you are the right person to break the news to him.  Which is, that I have ppeared in a film.
I've had a first rate day and have written quite a lot of music that makes me purr and feel good all over.  And on playing it through I find that it is all Job!  I really isn't fair.  Your old man ought to let me get in first sometimes.

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