Letter from LeRoy Van Hoesen, jr to Olin Downes

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May 27, 1955

842 Columbia St.
Hudson, N.Y.

Dear Mr. Downes,
Last year I bought the London record album containing the symphonies of Vaughan Williams1.  It was an extravagance for me but I prize it more than any other recording I have.  Shortly after the purchase an article2 appeared in the Times under your name, devoted to the composer and his music.  I clipped the article and have it before me now.  I saved it because it is a fine, clear statement of what I had only inarticulately felt myself.

If you are not reluctant to disclose it, I would like to have Mr. Vaughn3 Williams' address.  I would like very much to write him my thanks for an ineffable experience.  No doubt you are always being asked for favors of one kind or another.  My reason for asking this one is that your own esteem of the composer may lead you to look favorably on it.  A stamped, self addressed envelope is enclosed for your convenience.

Sincerely, yours
LeRoy Van Hoesen Jr.

1.  Adrian' Boult's first cycle of VW's symphonies with the London Philharmonic Orchestra (nos 1-7, recorded in 1952-1953 and issued on Decca in 1954 (Pearson)).
2.  Either 'Vaughan Williams: Great English Composer will visit here in fall' (New York Times, 23 May 1954) or 'English visitor: Vaughan Williams, a guest at Cornell, speaks and conducts his own music here' (New York Times, 29 October, 1954).
3.  sic.


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Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Olin Downes Papers, MS688, B63, F19
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Atlas, Allan W., “Ralph Vaughan Williams and Olin Downes: Newly Uncovered Letters”, Journal of the RVW Society No. 60 (June, 2014)
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