Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Michael Mullinar

Letter No.: 
Sunday [8th September 1940]

The White Gates,

Dear Michael

 I am delighted that you are going to keep music going in Bartestree1 – It is the one thing that Willie2 left us. Here are a few suggestions – all easy madrigals
Edwards         In going to my lonely bed
Benet             Come shepherds
Waelraut        Hard by a fountain
Dowland        Come away sweet love
                      Awake sweet love

I think these are all Novello part songs

Pearsall        When Allen-a-Dale
                     Who shall win my lady fair
Hatton          Over hill over dale
C. Wood      Full fathom five
Parry           O thou fondest & truest
Stanford      Diaphema 
German       My Bonny lass

We are very sad here – our dear Honorine was killed in an air raid in London last week – you know all she was to us.
Give my love to Mary

R Vaughan Williams 

1. Village in Herefordshire with a large convent and school, where Mullinar taught.
2. Reading unclear
3. Honorine Williamson, a niece of VW, had been killed in an air-raid on the night of 1st September 1940 (see R.V.W.: a biography, p.235). This letter was presumably written the following Sunday which was 8th September.


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