Letter from Edmund Rubbra to Ralph Vaughan Williams

Letter No.: 
[8 August 1947]

My dear V.W.

Many thanks for your letter.1  I shall be rehearsing my 3rd Symphony for Gloucester on Sep. 2 & 3, so there’s no difficulty whatsoever in coming to your rehearsal on Sep. 3 at 10.40.
I’m so glad you enjoyed my programme the other day, & I was interested at your reaction to the Psalms.  Are they as lean as all that?  Textually, yes: but I didn’t think the musical content was.
After much thought, I’ve decided to take the music lectureship at Oxford offered to me by Westrup: so that now I’m afraid I cannot take any more private pupils in London.
Recently, two that you very kindly sent along to me I’ve had to turn down.
Looking forward to seeing you on the 3rd.
Yours very sincerely

[Edmund Rubbra]

1. See VWL3621.


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Rubbra Box 21
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Draft letter. Date assumed as day after the letter to which is it a response.