Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Keith Falkner

Letter No.: 
March 7th 1955.

10 Hanover Terrace, N.W.1.

My dear Keith,

Here is a short pendant to Menelaus,1 but,
1.  You may not like it,
2.  You may think it unsuitable for a man,
3.  You may think it too intimate for public singing,

but if not, would you feel inclined to sing it at the B.B.C. Concert in May?  You can sing it in any key you like.2
Thank you so much for your card from Niagara.
Love to you all from both of us,



1.  Menelaus on the Beach at Pharos, a setting of words by UVW written in the summer of 1954, Catalogue of Works 1954/6 (see R.V.W.: a biography, p.354).  The song was later included as No. 4 in the cycle Four last songs, Catalogue of Works 1958/2.
2.  The song enclosed by VW was Hands, eyes and heart, Catalogue of Works 1955/5 later included as No.3 in Four last songs.  Falkner apparently did not perform the song at his recital at the Wigmore Hall on 26 May but gave its first performance in New Zealand on 21 December.  (See Catalogue of Works).  VW enclosed a note of the text (by UVW) with the letter:
Hands, give him all the measure of my love
surer than any word.
Eyes, be deep pools of truth, where he may see
a thought more whole than constancy.
Heart, in his keeping be at rest and live,
as music and silence meet and both are heard.

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