Letter from Keith Falkner to Luther Noss

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College of Arts and Sciences
Cornell University
New York
Department of Music

Dear Mr Noss

Thank you for your letter & press enclosures. Christabel & I enjoyed our visit to you with the ‘V.W’s’ immensely. It was indeed a memorable occasion for us and one that can hardly be repeated.
I am glad that the old man (?as you rightly suggest) was such a success with you all as indeed he has been everywhere he has been.
I am afraid that it will be exceedingly difficult to get permission to use the tape recording of the lecture; in fact he would have been upset if he had known it was being recorded. We have had a similar proposition from U.C.L.A. in the West & they have had instructions to delete the tape!
His talks here are to be published in 1955* by the Cornell Press under the title ‘Making Music’ or ‘What is the background of Music’ - I’m not sure which. Therefore I don’t think it likely that permission would be possible for other publications. Especially so, since the Cornell Press provided much of the financial backing needed for his visit here.
I am afraid the V.W’s had a vile journey home. I hear that the ‘Q. Mary’ was a day late & that ‘port holes’ were broken in the storm off the Irish coast & the First Class Dining Saloon flooded. I hope they stayed in bed!
With all good wishes to you both for your warm hospitality & for including Christabel & me in the celebrations.
A happy Christmas to you all & I hope we meet again soon.
Yours sincerely

Keith Falkner

NB It will be nice to have the photograph from the News Bureau. A memento to keep of a very happy occasion.

*The galley proofs will be ready in January


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