Letter from Ernest Irving to Ralph Vaughan Williams

Letter No.: 
16th April, 1948

Dear VW

Thank you for the bunch of scores to hand today. We cannot give you accurate timings till the picture is rough cut, by which time you will apparently have completed the score.1 I think it would be good if you could come in a week or so’s time and have a look at the cut picture. There will be several things to discuss. I am shortly looking through it with Charles Frend and will try and get the fittings into some kind of order before you visit.
I don’t think the voice will work over the ‘footsteps’ scene, and I expect you will revise some of your ideas when you see the picture. It is going to be a first-class film I think and worthy of the subject.
I am looking forward eagerly to Symphony VI2 and should very much like to come to the Tuesday rehearsal if I can get in.
I am bringing Charles Frend and his wife to hear it at the R.P.S. concert.
Yours ever

E[rnest] I[rving]

1. VW was composing the music for the film Scott of the Antarctic.
2. To be performed for the first time by the Royal Philharmonic Society on 21st April at the Royal Albert Hall.

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