Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Alan Frank (OUP)

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Aug 3. [1946]

The White Gates,

Dear Frank

Herewith the 4tet proofs1 - forgive delay but I have had them checked by Michael Mullinar & the parts were all checked from their own parts by the players - The 1st violin part is in a pretty good mess. Chiefly owing to the vagaries of your copyist who shoved in 8ves promiscuously (without, so far as I remember) any authority from the “master” copy.  The result was almost impossible to read.  It’s a great pity I have to have those copies made for the engraver - a new crop of mistakes come up each fresh copy.  In future if this has to be done the copy must be properly checked before going to the engraver.  I must see another proof please of every part and the score. Also please let me see the title page before it is engraved (all the trouble over my symphony came from this being omitted)2
I enclose a draft of the way the title page should be set.
By the way I hear that GOLDSMITH has left his war job & wd be glad of copying - He has just lost his wife - so apart from financial considerations some work would be very good for him.
His address is
S O Goldsmith
10 Brandon Road
Norwood Green

Yrs sincerely

R. Vaughan Williams


                     Quartet in A minor
                 for Jean on her Birthday
                  R Vaughan Williams

Note  This complete title should be printed in every programme etc

1. Of the String Quartet in A minor, Catalogue of Works 1944/2.
2. It is not clear what the problem with title page of Fifth Symphony was; it may have been to do with the placing of the dedication.

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