Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Gerald Finzi

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April 25 [1946]

The White Gates

Dear Gerald

As regards May 3d & 4th I think you ought to know the worst - the rehear on Friday is likely to be very partial as the professional players can only come “engagements permitting”.
Secondly (owing to fixed pews) the seating arrangements in the church have turned several strong mens hair gray - some of the orchestra has to be behind the conductor & the singer has to sing across the rest who are spread out like a starfish (plan enclosed)1
- On May 18th if time allows I want to do the R.O. Motet2 you say is so good - which is it? Also what wd go with it to make a short group?
Love to Joyce

1. For the Leith Hill Musical Festival.
2. Presumably a motet by R. O. Morris.

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