Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Alan Frank (OUP)

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[About 14th March 1946]

Dear Frank

I am very glad to hear of you back again
There is no need for an “Ossia” - the passage had better be altered as I suggest.1
Any news of my Symph - which has been over 2 years maturing.2

R. Vaughan Williams

1.   Frank had written on 12 March reporting that Goossens had suggested an alternative to one difficult passage in the Oboe Concerto at [D] and again at [E] in the first movement. He proposed with VW’s agreement to insert an ‘Ossia’ (i.e. a small stave above the main part with the alternative notes)  in the material. VW clearly preferred to alter the passage in line with Goossens’ suggestions.
2.   Frank responded on 19 March confirming that the change had been inserted into the oboe part and sending an advance copy of the Symphony in D, Catalogue of Works 1943/2, which had just arrived from the printer. It was to be published on 28th March. he also asked about possible publicaiton of VW's Introduction and Fugue for two pianos which was to be performed shortly, and other piano works suitable for publication. See further on this in VWL2032.

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