Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Ralph Wedgwood

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[12th November 1905]

Leith Hill Place,
Nr. Dorking.

Dear Randolph

In moving house we came upon several of your early letters - what enourmous1 screeds we used to write to each other then! I suppose as one gets more & more to do and more & more interested in one's own bee-line one has less to say even to one's greatest friends - or perhaps one can cram more into a few words than one used to - at all events I'm afraid my handwriting is as illegible as ever.
You must come and see the new house soon. I've got a grand study in the attic with a grand view of the river and a bridge and 3 great electric light chimneys and a sunset

Then I've also got a roll top desk a writing table & a new piano so I ought to do!

What do you think of the change of address cards?
Thank you so much for the cutting - send the full report as I couldn't understand the cutting.
We've got Crompton2 & Harry3  coming to dinner on Thursday.
What news of Felix4 - I wonder if one feels inspired to write music & poetry in the wilds or whether the discomfort is too great?
Yrs affectionately


1. sic.
2. Crompton Llewellyn Davies. See further on him in note to VWL280.
3. Unidentified.
4. Arthur Felix Wedgwood, youngest brother of Ralph Wedgwood. He was a civil engineer specialising in the purchase and recovery of wrecks. He was presumably engaged in either an engineering or salvage project.


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MS Mus. 1714/1/3, ff.1-3
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Cobbe 37; Kennedy, Works of Vaughan Williams, p.398.
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