Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Norman Peterkin (OUP)

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14 March, 1945

The White Gates,

Dear Peterkin

After a good deal of thought I have come to the conclusion that the alterations in the V.I & II of my symphony must be made.1
- I know it will involve some further correction of the score & alteration in the parts - but we want to get this work quite right.  Of course I am prepared to bear the extra expense as it is all my fault.
I enclose
(i) the corrections for the proof for Mr Foote to incorporate if he will be so kind.
(ii) 1st & 2st2 viola & cello parts corrected.
As to the parts - perhaps Miss Lutyens would undertake it.3
I suggest that a complete set (say 6 V.I & 6 V.II) be done & they then they will be ready if wanted & then another complete set till all the parts are done.
I enclose a “master” copy - I think about ½ an hour for each part ought to see it through.
There are no corrections in viola or cello.
Yrs sincerely

R. Vaughan Williams

1.   These were alterations to the first and second violin parts in the fifth symphony which had been suggested by Paul Beard, leader of the BBC SO.  See VWL1877.
2.  sic.
3.   Elisabeth Lutyens the composer, with whom VW had had dealings in 1939 over the foundation of CEMA - see VWL1621 and VWL1229.


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