Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Joy Finzi

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Jan 14 [1942]

The White Gates

Dear Joyce -
I have thought of your visit very often - Morris1 liked seeing you both and we all did too. It was wonderful of you to make the long journey. I only hope you were not too tired. You as well as Gerald - even more so - looked as if you would be better for a spell of `down tools'.
Last Sunday Cordelia2 & Adam were here and we celebrated by having your honey for tea - its lovely colour did not belie its excellence - it couldn't be better - what flowers give that perfect colour?
R had to have a doctor the day after you were here & was dosed with chlorodyne. The germ has been active about Dorking - I hope not with you but chlorodyne is the right cure & he was well in a few days.
Love from us & thank you for coming.

1. R.O. Morris
2. Cordelia Curle and her son.


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