Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Imogen Holst

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[War years - ?1941]

The White Gates,

Dearest Imogen

Here is the draft of the Dict Nat Biog article1 - I’ve cut it down so that it is now little more than a catalogue: and it is still about 300 words too long.  But there it is.  Wd you be very good & go through it
1) for errors of fact & date
2) your opinion as to whether I have kept the [main] things & left out the unimportant.
- I fear I have had to cut out the reference to E Evans’ 1919 article  - wd you also add anything else which should go in the bibliography[?]
All my love

Uncle Ralph

1. Dictionary of National Biography, 1931-40 (London, 1949), pp.441-443.
2. Edwin Evans, ‘Modern British Composers. 6: Gustav Holst’, Musical Times, vol.60 nos.920-922 (Oct - Dec 1919), pp. 524-528, 588-592,657-661.


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