Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Adrian Boult at the BBC

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[About 16th October 1934]

The White Gates,

Dear Adrian

I want you to hear the (F Min) Symph1 on 2 pianos soon because I want to get down to it & wash its face - Now have you any free dates?  Vally and Nora2 are free after 5.30 on Fridays & Saturday mornings - also possibly Thursdays after 6.0 & possibly Thursday mornings (Fri or Sat: best) - Could you get Mrs Beckett3 to ring up & say if any of those days soon will be poss for you (Nov 10th is imposs for me) - but I hope for something earlier.4


1. Catalogue of Works 1934/13.
2. Vally Lasker and Nora Day, who frequently played through piano scores for RVW.
3. Gwen Beckett, Boult’s secretary.
4. The run-through had taken place by early November, probably on 2nd November (see VWL1323); VW wrote to Arthur Bliss on 6th November responding to some comments of his on the symphony which he had clearly also heard at this run-through (see also VWL1325).

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File 910, VW artist
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VW had written to Nora Day and Vally Lasker asking fo a run-through on 14th October (VWL1317) and the information in this letter about their availability presumably came in their response.

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